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Catalog > Termite Wood Injector Tip - Multi-Directional w/Attachment Collar
Termite Wood Injector Tip - Multi-Directional w/Attachment Collar

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Prod. Code: Spray Tip - Multi-Directional


Here is the 4-1/4" Termite Wood Injector Tip you have been waiting for, manufactured by HomeGuard Distributors, Inc., for use with a liquid borate or other product labeled for injecting directly into wall voids and hitting the interior studs.





HomeGuard designed a specialized epoxy to secure the threaded area at the base of the tips, so the HomeGuard Injector Spray Tips do not break like the competitor tips that are now on the market.  This now makes our threaded base the strongest part of the tip.

The HomeGuard Injector Spray Tips will fit the standard B&G type collar fittings, as well as many other standard spray wands.

The HomeGuard Injector Spray Tips are made from solid brass to give you the maximum service life for your wood injecting needs.  Tips come with an additional attachment collar.

The multi-directional spray tips unique design allows for the most complete coverage of product to the targeted interior wall treatment area (360 degree coverage).


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